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Looking for car tyres in Auckland? Then look no further than TyreLAND.

With over a billion tyres produced woldwide every year in over 450 factories, the industry of tyres can be a little overwhelming. With so many different facets in such a simple everyday item, it's hard to know what to by and why to buy it. The modern tyre we know started life on the streets of Belfast, and today affects the everyday life of billions of people. We here at TyreLAND make tyres our business. We know everything about them, and we have the latest and greatest brands on the planet, all here for you and your vehicle. We supply tyres from:

Founded 1872 Pirelli are the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the world, and the undisputed leader in the high end corner of the market. Pirelli first started motor racing in the 1920’s and their quality is shown today by their domination of the “big three” racing events:  the World Rally Championships, Superbike World Championships, and the Formula One Championships. Car tyres in Auckland come from the very best manufactures in the world.

Michelin is perhaps the most recognisable of all the tyre manufacturers and the world's second largest. Renowned and respected by the industry for their innovation and invention, Michelin have set the benchmark for car tyres over the past 125 years with such patents as detachable tyres, the first air-filled tyres, the first detachable steel wheel and the first radial tyre. These stalwarts of the industry are now available as car tyres in Auckland through Civic Automotive.

Twianese company Nankang are at the forefront of developing the latest technological tyres, focusing on cars and light commercial vehicles. The company prides itself on designing and producing not only safe and quality tyres, but also tyres that look the part. TyreLAND are proud to offer Nankang tyres to New Zealand drivers, and with their fantastic performance and excellent looks, these are definitely ones for the future!



Tyre Safety
Driving on bald tyres is incredible dangerous, both to you and anyone else on the road. Having bald tyres means you can’t grip the road properly, especially in wet conditions. It’s not only dangerous, but illegal to drive on bald tyres. The law states that your tread must be at least 1.5 millimetres deep, but we recommend 2mm for the optimum safety whilst driving. Most tyres will have indicators in the middle groove of the tyre to show wear. If these indicators are level with the tread, then it’s time to replace your tyres.

Tyre pressure is just as important as the tread. Properly inflated tyres with also save you money by going easier on the petrol. The right tyre pressure is vital for correct braking and a good grip, and could save your life. Incorrect tyre pressure, be it over-inflated or under-inflated, will cause the tyres to wear out faster. Make sure you check your tyre pressure regularly, and pay close attention; a tyre can lose 50% of its pressure and still look fine.


Types of tyres

The Radial tyre

Invented by Arthur W. Savage and produced by Michelin, the radial tyre is the most common type of tyre on the road today. Radials have a right angle parallel tread pattern and deliver longer tread life, enhanced steering control and lower rolling resistance.

Directional tyre
Some high performance tyres have a directional tread that are designed to rotate the tyre in one direction only. This provides better performance and handling. These tyres must be fitted with the tread facing in the proper direction. If you need to swap a directional tyre from one side of the car to the other, it must be removed from the rim and turned to face the correct direction. We recommend coming in to see us and letting the experts do this, just to be sure.

All-weather tyre
These are a simple, all-purpose tyre for the unpredictable New Zealand weather conditions and which can be used all year round.

Summer tyre
Obviously for use in good weather conditions, the “Summer” tyre is a smoother tyre with less tread and made of a harder rubber compound. This delivers extra performance and greater fuel economy on typically dry roads. If you’re using these tyres, just be sure to switch back before the weather turns. 

Winter tyre
Winter tyres are softer with a deeper tread to help with greater control icy conditions. Again, like summer tyres, switch when the weather changes.